I'm Melanie. I'm a software engineer. I live in San Francisco, but travel often. Currently, I work on infrastructure at Airbnb.

Current work

Airbnb, Infrastructure

  • Evolve Airbnb's microservices architecture with a new infrastructure based on kubernetes and the principle that "everything about a project is in one place in git, and deployed with one process", with nearly 40% of hundreds of production-facing services on the new infrastructure
  • Develop tooling that simplifies k8s files
  • Develop tooling that automates building a "hello world" service
  • Develop tooling that simplifies interacting with services (kubectl++ wrapper)
  • Prototype improved docker-based builds and deploys for kubernetes services
  • Debug and improve overall stability of infrastructure as part of kubernetes adoption (logs, metrics, service discovery)
  • Develop a solution for running most k8s services as an unprivileged user without compromising usability and debuggability
  • Give external talks about Airbnb infrastructure, reaching over 10,000+ members of the community
  • Visit Airbnb offices around the world to connect with developers and their needs
  • Previously lead infrastructure incident response team, solving major outages (ex: related to Spectre/Meltdown in late 2017-early 2018)
  • Lead a "merge queue" project that scaled out contributions and production deploys to a monolithic codebase for 500-1000+ engineers and millions of lines of code
  • Made significant startup time improvements to a Rails monolith in development by taking advantage of advanced Rails autoloading concepts and behavior
  • Automate parts of the developer workflow (ex: automatic reverts) to reduce time to remediation for incidents
  • Reliability and efficiency improvements to scale tests, builds, and deploys for hundreds of developers
  • Comfortable working with: ruby, rails, golang, python, java, bash, unix systems, javascript, node, mysql, docker, kubernetes, chef, terraform, AWS integration, CI/CD, developer tooling, writing integration tests, pagerduty, git/github, incident response, etc

Previous work

Airbnb, Payments

  • Built out Employee Travel Credit Program and Airbnb Credit
  • Designed and created data models, backend, and frontend using MySQL, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript
  • Processes millions of USD in transfers between accounts

Dat Project, Datscript

  • Open source contribution to the Dat Project
  • Created a parser for a simple format based on indenation in node.js
  • Simplifies writing scripts for scientists

Facebook, Pages Mobile Team

  • Pages Draft Posts for iOS: Page admins can create, edit, delete, and publish drafts